You decide. Reap what you sow.

I wrote this poem out of my sort of understanding for how life is, you reap what you sow.

Manifestation of darkness
Manifestation of light
You decide
Playing amidst splendor Greater
Revealing to few’s sight
Creating, slowly, surely
A true God’s delight
On earth as is in heaven
Free becoming known
Finally rid
Of human’s meaning
Riches of sin
Let go
Like night breaking day
Sudden darkness
Never gradual
Upon meeting knowing
Counting down hours
Awaiting Shepherd’s return
For safe-keeping
Watch, eyes open
As day defeats night
Again and again
Like clockwork
Waking up from
Disillusion’s dreams
Nightmare’s fright
Forever pondering
Whatever’s truth
Magnetic shines alight
Thoughts, actions, words
Which are Greater
Attempting sensing
Heart’s soul
True mate
Does it exist
Swimming in a sea
Of mixed intentions
Attempting to go
One path
Our own
Yet washing up
Upon the will
Of greater force
Soggy and defeated
Inevitably playing
According to His plan
Whether knowing or not
Hoping after prayer
Of solid foundation
Upon elevation
Dry Holy land
Free of fire and water
Seeking our own heart
Next step after next step
Again and again
When will we learn
Faithfully waking required
Trust fall
Into unseen depths
Downward fall
Completing the above
Much stronger once seen
Relying on senses
One through five
Too weak
Signals unrecognized
Comparing fleeting dimensions
Unseen yet
Felt by the stopping
Fluttering senses which bend
Between each heartbeat’s rest
Unexplainable yet
Too shook to feign
Kept unknowing
Deadly kept secret
Worldly whispers won’t do
Waiting in vain
Ripple in stillwater
Truly no pebble thrown
Nor air blown once
Chanting awakened
Knowing above
After knowing below
Unleashing crows
Beside dead ghosts
In order to find order
Flying towards one
Inevitable point
Taken finally
To the skies
The abyss
You decide
Before finding knocking
At the door
Inevitable light
Being taken
To with which’s wish
Fallen or lifted home
Upon us all
Carefully tread
On eggshells
If not water
Else really reap
Whatever little or grand
Life’s seed being sown