The Treecup Manifesto

Aaron Watson and Hannah Phillips of Piper Creative have been doing some fantastic work for Treecup in creating our Kickstarter crowdfunding video. One of the deliverables that Aaron had asked me to put together was writing a “manifesto” for Treecup – that is, what Treecup has been, what it is, and what it will be.

“Boil it down to as few words as possible,” and with this advice I proceeded to think.

I wrote in my journal, freehanding, the story of how I started brewing tea with my mother and how it evolved over time. After a few pages of writing and finishing what felt to be like my “executive summary” all over again, I tried again.

This time, I should do it with fewer words, I thought. I proceeded to boil down the story to a page and a half when I decided I need to attack this manifesto from a new angle.

I put down my pen and, as I do, went to do something else.

A day passed by.

I come back to my desk, brought my journal out once again, this time several pages further than last time, yet with my bookmark still marked to the spot I had last finished writing my “boiled-down” manifesto.

Wow, I did need to attack this from a different angle. Ok.

As I do, and as I’ve been doing every day since August 1st, I prayed.

I wrote at the top of the next empty page, “Lord, please help me and allow me to write a good and accurate manifesto of my company’s development – Illuminate my vision,” exactly what came to mind to be prayed in this instance, at the very top of the page.

And the following came to me, what is now known as the Treecup Manifesto. It goes as follows:

Treecup is modeled after the Tree of Life. We give life by FILLING PEOPLE’S CUPS in three ways:

  1. Ancient healing teas that serve as Holistic medicine
  2. Create change within the CPG industry through transparency
  3. Reforesting Mother Earth starting in Haiti

That’s our mission.  It’s why we exist – to try to bring Good to the THREE sectors of society we touch.

It’s that simple. I think that it encompasses the past, the present, and the future all in a poetic and imagery-based way. Plus, now, when I see the Treecup logo I see the Tree of Life filling someone (or something)’s cup.

I love the world. The universe is so abundant, and I feel privileged to be nice to people – to show people my true heart and in turn see some of theirs. Perfect love – perfect light casts out even the darkest obscurities. And in this society we live in, it’s obscurity on obscurity so much so that we can’t even determine the gray from the black – the ambiguous from the evil.

This summer has been one of huge growth for me, Thank God. Times are a-changin’ and I’m manning up whether I like it or not. Part of that means finally meeting my spiritual path and living for greater purpose, a life of my own mental enlightenment, unfortunately just for me and no one else, I wish I could share this but all I can share are my words. Every one’s path is their own, every one chooses their own God.

This new life calls for a cross to be picked up daily, a bitter cup to be drank from – daily. From Mark the Shark to Mark the Apostle. Reborn, reincarnation – believe in that?

Thank you,

Mark S.