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Caleb Morton and I were suitemates this past school year at Grove City College.  It was a great experience rooming with him and together we’ve shared many laughs, ideas, and cups of tea.
Now, Caleb is starting his own company called Smokesignals ( https://smokesignals.dev/ ).  Caleb speaks of his endeavor in this episode of TEA TIME!

Rob Schad has his head screwed on straight – he realized at the age of 18 that college wasn’t an effective means of doing what he wanted to do.  At that time he was an Amazon and eBay arbitrage aficionado but now he is head of marketing at the hottest popcorn company in the Burgh.
We delve into points of interest such as travel, being a digital nomad, Pittsburgh, and his plans for the future.

Michael Marra and his intern Cameron Suorsa sit down with me to talk about the story of Entre – the quickly growing and dynamic group of millennial entrepreneurs.   I had originally met Michael whilst networking at an event at a co-working space on the University of Pittsburgh campus – it was one if his first networking events he put on with ME Group of Pittsburgh (his startup at the time).  Since then, he has been adding and developing various services to help entrepreneurs fulfill their callings and desires in Philly, NYC, and PGH.

In this episode of The Fishbowl, Cameron Suorsa and I sit down to evaluate the entrepreneurship program at Grove City College from the lens of 2 ambitious students.  Also – as young, naive, broke, yet ambitious aspiring entrepreneurs, we attempt to pull back the curtain of time to look towards the future and speak of some entrepreneurial/market trends.

You know his name – now know his story. Kenny Chen has an interesting progression of his young professional life so far. He grew up in Sin City (Las Vegas), went to UC Berkeley, lived in Hong Kong for a year, and now is a major player in entrepreneurial/tech development in Pittsburgh. How did he get to the Burgh, of all places? Why is he so passionate and focused on development here? Take a listen!

Sara Makin is a best selling author with her book “From Depression to Joy”, the host of “Road to Ruin: The Journey of the Poppy”, and the owner of Makin Wellness. In this episode I sit down with Sara to chat about her story that has led to what she now does full time – living her dream! I love the quote she said in the middle – “To know and not to do is not to know”.

Jeremy Denniston has lived an interesting life as a “Cyclops”. He was born blind, undergone nearly 20 surgeries, dropped out of college during his second semester, was fired at Target, worked at Apple at 22 years old, broke his back while drunk, and now he owns the most eclectic coffee shop in Bellevue. That coffee shops name – the Cyclops Cafe! P.S. I originally met Jeremy 2 years ago when he worked at the Tesla store – he made a memorable impression at me but I never saw him again after that… until I was “pounding pavement” with my organic tea product in Bellevue last week and happened to walk into the coffee shop he founded. As they say, the rest is history!

Jordan Robarge is the founder of Revival Chili, a graduated fellow at Venture for America, a professional ultimate frisbee player, and he hasn’t cut his hair for 3 years. With an interesting and serendipitous story that includes getting arrested… Jordan eventually launched a successful crowdfunding campaign raising $28,000 to get his chili truck off the ground. Oh yeah, and the coolest part is that Revival Chili employees re-entering citizens (ex-convicts).

Seth Neustein is CEO, professional speaker, corporate entertainer, comedian, and magician at Neustein Productions. In this talk he shares his past knowledge on corporate cultures, does a magic trick on me, and teaches you – The Fishbowl audience – how to read someone’s body language. http://sethneustein.com/

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson This is precisely what the Heart I/O team co-founders, Utkars Jain and Nick Flanagan are embodying in their medical technology startup. On this episode they speak about some of their best startup stories and what Heart I/O exactly is!

On episode 7 of The Fishbowl, I sit down with a local entrepreneur working on technology that may very well revolutionize the engineering industry.

The passionate and enthusiastic Jordan Hörst joins me on Episode 6 to talk about an entrepreneur’s journey. We reflect on some of the highlights and struggles he faces in his entrepreneurial walk. LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jordankhorst/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jordankhorst/ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jordankhorst/ Website: studiosongapp.com

He used to be captain for the Nigerian Youth National Basketball team… now he’s at Grove City College sitting down with me in my dorm to talk about his journey.

Shelly Qin, from northern China, has been learning English since she could first speak. On this episode, she enlightens me about Chinese culture and her journey to Grove City College.

Senior GCC student Connor Grieb shares his knowledge and experiences owning and operating a Search Engine Optimization business in Pittsburgh.

I sit down with owner and co-founder Emily Funte. Emily and her husband Joe are Grove City College Alumni that settled down in Grove City and now work as full-time baristas at the hippest spot in town – Collage Coffee and Art House!